About Us

Who are we?

CHOPAR is a Danish-based company who lives for the passion of movement and are specialized in gymnastics. We work to help gymnasts around the world reach their goals and fulfill their ambitions. For us that is not just a statement – it is a part of our DNA. Our way of working, our way of developing and creating our products are done to help you be the best version of yourself.

There is a lot of challenges to reach the top, but your apparel and your equipment must not be one of them. That is why we create gymnastic apparel that is made for you and made to support your process as an athlete. With our high quality, unique designs and many years of experience we help you reach your dreams and be your best.
CHOPAR was born in 1989 and since the beginning we have had a focus to help the sport grow an to grow with it as a company.
We are a danish company based in Ikast, from where, we run the daily operations, designing, sales, our Webshop and storage. We have our own sewers based in our office who handle special designs and make dreams come true to gymnasts around the world. We also have production based in Poland, Ukraine and Turkey.

Today we are 25 employees. Most of our employees are located in Ikast and then we have a finish department who handle our finish and Swedish customers.


We have a vision to not just produce the best gymnastic apparel – we want to develop the products and be an inspiration to the industry and the sport. We want our products to be innovative and developed in close collaborations with the ones who use it – the gymnasts! Because of that we prioritize to keep a close contact with our customers, to make sure we deliver apparel that do more than have a good fit – it makes you feel like a star.
We strive to be the leading gymnastic gymnastic brand in Europe and now we are going for cheerleading as well! As you can hear our mission in the sport is not done at all, but we’re on our way and we are not slowing down.


With an ambitious goal to be the leading gymnastic brand and to help develop the sports we find it essential to know what the athletes needs and to be part of big events, associations and projects, that has the same visions. Today CHOPAR delivers suits for several national teams in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Louxembourg and Germany.

We also deliver suits for the National danish performance team who travel around the world introducing gymnastics through workshops and shows and inspire people through motion.

When it comes to taking gymnastics to the wildest and most crazy level, our friends from FaceOFF Events takes the first place. A competition and a show that takes all the best from jumps, show and crazy energy and put it together. CHOPAR has designed the suits for the competitors in the FaceOff event who now travel around all of Scandinavia every year.