About Us

Who we are

CHOPAR is a Danish company that lives and breathes movement. Our biggest passion is gymnastics. Our aim is to assist gymnasts to reach their fullest potential with the help of our garments.
For us this is not just a statement – it is a part of our DNA and thus reaches each sector of our business, from creating and selling our products to developing the product range. We aim to be the best at making you to be the best version of yourself.
There are enough obstacles on the way to the top, but your gymnastics clothing should never be one of them.  We produce our apparel so that you can shine in your chosen gymnastics discipline. With our high-quality garments and solid industry experience, we offer you the keys to reach your dreams.

The Framework

CHOPAR is the Nordics' leading manufacturer of gymnastics wear and team apparel.
The company was established in 1989 and has since grown into a prominent actor in the sportswear business. The daily operations are run in the city of Ikast from where the designing, sales, marketing, warehouse and our Webshop is managed. All our special designs are sewn in Denmark, but we produce items in other European countries, too.

Apart from the Danish department, we also have an office in Helsinki, Finland from where all the Finnish, Swedish and other international cases are handled.

We are no ordinary salespeople

We take pride of the fact that most of our employees are either current or ex- gymnasts. As we understand the needs of a gymnast, you as a customer can be sure to receive qualified and professionally sound guidance.

We are utterly passionate about the art of movement, and this carries through each part of our business, from sourcing materials to construction and customer service. ​Get in contact with us, we love to chat all things gymnastics!

Our Vision

Our vision not only to produce the best gymnastics apparel – we also seek to develop our products with the aim to be an inspiration to the industry and the sport of gymnastics.

We want our products to be innovative and therefore develop them in close collaborations with the ones who use them – the gymnasts! Thus, we prioritize a collaborative relationship with our customers to ensure that we deliver apparel that do more than have a good fit – we want our products to make you to feel like a star!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

At CHOPAR, it is not just about manufacturing and selling gymnastics apparel. We want more than that. We want to inspire an active everyday life and pass on our passion for gymnastics to future generations. To achieve this, we believe in the power of partnerships.
We are the proud partner of both the Danish and Finnish Gymnastics Federations. With the Danes, we work with all the gymnastics disciplines, whereas in Finland our focus lies in TeamGym and aerobic gymnastics.   We also manufacture outfits to several mass gymnastics events in collaboration with the federations. Some of these include the Landsstævne and Suomi Gymnaestrada. Our partnerships further include TeamGym national teams in several European countries.
In 2019, we entered a collaboration with FACEOFF who help to develop gymnastics and shape its future with their ever-so-innovative concept of FACEOFF events. These events are about innovative gymnastics competitions where the world’s best gymnasts come together to battle in a truly unique setup, challenging the status-quo of the sport.
The demanding set up requires apparel that can tolerate movement to its ultimatum. Thus, the partnership offers us as the event’s official clothing manufacturer a unique opportunity to test the limits of our gymnastics apparel and gives us direct feedback on how our clothing performs in the wildest of settings.
We develop our clothing based on athletes' wishes and needs. If it works for gymnastics, it works for everything.