Vi have created a collection for Gymnastic for all. Discover our selection of dresses, suits, shorts, leotards, skirts and much more. Allow yourself to be inspired by the colors and prints.
Be inspired by the styles, created for performance. Be creative and change colors and style to match your ambitions.
Let's get united! Explore our wide selection teamwear for your team or club. We are experts in matching the clothes to match your style. Choosing one of our existing styles og creating your own design - we got the right fit for you.
Be inspired by our range of suits, where the focus is on the detail and the elegant expressions. Get creative with patterns and stones to match your idea of performance.
We have many years of experience in the world of gymnastics and help you realize your dream suits

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The kids By CHOPAR collection har the pupose of inspiring kids to play, exlplore and be creative in every motion. All summed up in soft matirials and playfull designs.
All our collections are developed by gymnasts for gymnasts. Our sales team has roots in the world of gymnastics and knows the importance of clothing when it comes to function and fit. Our suits have been tested and used by the most talented gymnasts in the Nordic countries. Our team helps you from idea to finished suit, regardless of whether you choose a suit from the collection or want to design your very own. We have many years of experience in the world of gymnastics and are happy to pass on our good ideas.
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