JUMPSUIT | Women | TEAM | 504830A200

Designed in Scandinavia • Produced in Europe
Basic price for 6-19 pcs
EUR 95 per pc.
Price per pc. for 6-19 pcs.
EUR 95
Price per pc. for 20-49 pcs.
EUR 80
Price per pc. for 50+ pcs.
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The above style may be shown with special materials. Surcharges may apply.

There will be surcharges for special materials such as glitter, print, velour, stone, etc.
Item number:504830A200
Two-tone jumpsuit with different dressing options.
With the wrap-around effect, you get one color in front and another behind, or by wrapping another color as the main color. Watch the video!
Elastic at the waist and drop lock at the neck.

Fit: Normal
Waist: High

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