Leotard w/ Skirt | Team | 14-401200-700

Designed in Scandinavia • Produced in Europe
Basic price for 6-19 pcs
EUR 155 per pc.
Price per pc. for 6-19 pcs.
EUR 155
Price per pc. for 20-49 pcs.
EUR 125
Price per pc. for 50+ pcs.
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The above style may be shown with special materials. Surcharges may apply.

There will be surcharges for special materials such as glitter, print, velour, stone, etc.
Item number:401020A700
Leotard with sleeve

This model needs to be manufactured and minimum order is 6 pieces.
Delivery time is up to 8 weeks

You can free choose colours from our large map. Click here for colour map

It is also possible to change the length at all our suits to with + / - 2, 4 or 6 inches - without extra cost.

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CHOPAR SPORT makes no guarantee of glitter, lace and mesh