Shorts | 14-701600-100

Designed in Scandinavia • Produced in Europe
Basic price for 6-19 pcs
EUR 45 per pc.
Price per pc. for 6-19 pcs.
EUR 45
Price per pc. for 20-49 pcs.
EUR 35
Price per pc. for 50+ pcs.
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The above style may be shown with special materials. Surcharges may apply.

There will be surcharges for special materials such as glitter, print, velour, stone, etc.
Item number:700040A100
Short tumbling shorts for men.

The shorts are made in quality dorlastan. Dorlastan is our most widely used furniture because it combines the practicality while not compromising comfort and mobility.

The image shows the following colors and qualities:
Col. 1: Black Dorlastan 1013-9999

All our prices are based on an order of 6- 19 pcs. When ordering above or below this quantity, the price is adjusted as shown below.

The price is for the suit in the qualities as in the picture. If you want to change the quality, it will affect the price.

Price for teams:
6-19 pcs. 40 €.

20-49 pcs. -15%
1-5 pcs. +20%
+50 pcs. – Please contact us for offer.

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