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Basic price for 6-19 pcs
EUR 94 per pc.
Price per pc. for 6-19 pcs.
EUR 94
Price per pc. for 20-49 pcs.
EUR 84
Price per pc. for 50+ pcs.
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The above style may be shown with special materials. Surcharges may apply.

There will be surcharges for special materials such as glitter, print, velour, stone, etc.
Item number:201720A500
A wonderful sublimation top for the cheerleading team. Sublimation pattern on chest and back. Straight cuts. Logo is made with sublimation technique on the chest and back. The special fabric and glass strands complete the look.

Do you want a color change or would you like to implement a custom design? If you want to change the colors of the sublimation uniform, a change fee will be charged. Contact customer service and let us know your wishes. Click here to see color maps

The uniform can be decorated with Swarovski rhinestones, inexpensive glass rhinestones or sequins.

Our pricing is based on 6-19 orders. A higher or lower order quantity will affect the price as shown below. Additional orders will be processed on a case-by-case basis and a separate quote from customer service must be requested for these.

The price is for the product shown without rhinestones, the selected materials may affect the price.

6-19 pcs 99 € / pc
20-49 pcs -15%
1-5 pcs + 20% (NOTE! Only in connection with additional order)
+50 pcs - Request a quote

The glass rhinestones according to the picture can be added to the uniform for an additional price of € 41. Similar rhinestones can also be applied with Swarovski rhinestones or sequins. Ask for a quote.

The model is available for children and adults in size 6 years - XXL.

Delivery time for order products is approximately 10 weeks from order. You will receive the exact delivery date when ordering. Ask more about delivery times for different products from our customer service.

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